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Taking on the Cascade Siskiyou Scenic Bikeway

We have something unique here in Oregon. The state Parks and Recreation Department has created what are called Scenic Bikeways, routes throughout the state that in some way offer cyclists a special experience. Scenic value. Geography. Covered bridges.

The first official state route I ever completed was the Cascade-Siskiyou Scenic Bikeway, a grueling loop east from Ashland up and into the Cascades range.

This ride also marked the first time our road trippers got together. Bob Cortright, Jennifer Donnelly, Robert Mansolillo, Eric Jacobson, and Elise Hendrickson.

I wrote about this bikeway for Cycle California! Magazine (they like Southern Oregon rides, too).

Here’s my report. Take a look and then ride the route.

Cycle Blog

I was a late adopter to road cycling. Bob Cortright kept encouraging me to join him, even going so far as to give me access to his growing bike collection. The thought of crashing, falling to the pavement was a deal killer for me. Not interested.

Circumstances change, however, and so were my concerns. It was 2010 and my knees told me running was no longer possible. I also was entranced while watching the Tour de France from the comfort of my TV couch as it sped through Medieval towns in southern France. This could be fun, I thought.

Bob brought over a Bianchi bike and we headed out on my first ride, a 35-mile loop into Oregon’s wine-and-hops country. I was sore and dead tired by the end of the day, but I loved it. I was hooked.

That was 2010. I have thousands of miles under me and I’ve not yet laid down a bike at high speed.

I’ve also married my love of riding with my love of writing. I write about travel and cycle tourism for magazines and websites. Now, with these web pages, I offer those articles and more. My goal here is to showcase the routes I like to ride, destinations I’d like to revisit.

I hope you enjoy them.






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