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Cycle Tourism

Cyclists constantly seek new and exciting routes. We actively search for these destinations and describe the riding experience for a growing audience ready to travel. Our cycle tourism articles detail the high points of each ride and offer ideas on what to do and see when not in the saddle.






Glacier National Park: Going to the Sun by Bike

The Going to the Sun Road stretches in the distance like a thin, white line carved into the side of a mountain. The idea of pedaling a bicycle for miles up that line at first seems daunting. Then a realization sets in. This may be one of the most breathtaking rides a cyclist can find in the Northwest, if not the world.

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Finding Independence along the Willamette River

Nancy Dunn and her riding companions rolled up to the stop sign to await the arrival of the Buena Vista Ferry. Their ride will take them from Salem across the Willamette River and north to Rogue Farms. From there, it’s an easy ride past farmland to the city of Independence, over the bridge and back to their South Salem starting point.

They’ve ridden these roads many times before, but it never gets boring. “Crossing the ferry, that has a special place in my heart,” Nancy said. “It’s so cool to take your bike on the ferry, cross the river and then continue your bike ride.”

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Group Cycling in New Zealand: Follow the Great Taste Trail

We learned a few things early on during our three-week exploration of New Zealand. Understanding the Kiwi accent was essential. Discovering “flat white” coffee made each morning start a little better. And, being outdoors is the only place to be anywhere in this island nation.

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A Wild and Scenic Ride Along the Rogue River

There’s a remote stretch of road in Southern Oregon that at first glance seems innocuous. It’s not difficult; there are no steep climbs or adrenaline-laced descents, barely a bump for miles. There’s not even a center line painted on this asphalt. Yet this may be one of the most remote rides in this part of the state.

And, it’s iconic.

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Lucca: The perfect Italian cycling town

Lucca is a community that relies on bikes to get around as much as they do cars and it’s a must-go destination for cyclists ready to travel for one-of-a-kind experiences.

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Cascade-Siskiyou: Southern Oregon’s extreme ride

The 54-mile Cascade Siskiyou Scenic Bikeway east of Ashland, a city best known for its acclaimed Oregon Shakespeare Festival, is becoming a must-ride destination. The bikeway is part of Oregon’s one-of-a-kind scenic bikeway program, a series of 15 designated routes throughout the state. With more than 5,000 feet of elevation gain, the Cascade Siskiyou route is among the more difficult.

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Up and Over McKenzie Pass

It was early June and Highway 242 – Oregon’s McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway – had just been cleared of several feet of snow. The state highway department prohibits motor vehicles to drive here until the third Monday in June so once we passed the snow gate, the road was ours.

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McMinnville Cycling: Getting Out in the Country

Full disclosure: I used to take a bus between my Salem home and downtown McMinnville so I could ride my bike home from work. Did I do it for the exercise? Sure. For the love of cycling? Of course.

I also did it for the Yamhill County countryside. I rarely went the same way two days in a row; I liked to vary it up so I could enjoy different routes, different scenery.

Not much has changed ...

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Oregon Timber Trail: 670 miles of amazing adversity 

Harry Dalgaard will never forget the moment he pushed his bike up the trail on Crescent Mountain“When you crest the Crescent trail, you get this absolutely stunning reward,” he saidI didn’t mind pushing my bike, a little hike-and-bikeIt was tough but when you get to the top of Crescent Mountain and see Mt. Hood, it’s well worth it. Adversity rewards you with amazing things.” 

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Riding the Marys Peak Climb

Marys Peak is a wondrous place for anyone who likes to get outdoors. For dedicated road cyclists, a ride to the highest point in the Oregon Coast Range is a bucket list event. And, when considering Benton County’s seven wonders for cycling, Marys Peak is clearly No. 1.

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