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Oregon adds Sherar's Falls as 16th Scenic Bikeway

This article originally appeared in the May 2017 edition of Cycle California! Magazine. The article no longer is online.


Sherar’s Falls Scenic Bikeway, located in north-central Oregon, was approved in June as the 16th official state scenic bikeway, officials announced. The 33.4-mile loop starts in the small town of Maupin and follows the White and Deschutes rivers.

“This scenic bikeway is in a tucked-away part of Oregon known as River Canyon Country,” Oregon scenic bikeways coordinator Alexandra Phillips says. “The bikeway runs along the (Deschutes) river where you can see Native Americans fishing using traditional ways. There are also some amazing high desert views with Mt. Hood as a backdrop.”

The 33.4-mile loop, rated moderate, includes 1,727 total feet in elevation gain. It heads west from Maupin and north to the community of Tygh Valley before turning toward Sherar’s Falls and following the Deschutes River south to Maupin. The town provides a walkable downtown, restaurants, lodging, and camping.

State officials suggest spring and fall as good riding seasons. The dry climate – the Cascades range creates a protective rain shadow – makes even winter riding possible. The region reports 300 days of sunshine and 5 inches of rain per year, officials say.

The Oregon Scenic Bikeways program, the only one of its kind in the United States, began in 2005 and now features a variety of routes across the state. Local cycling proponents propose routes and the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Commission approves each one based on scenic quality, road conditions, and general riding enjoyment.  Each scenic bikeway is featured on with printable ride maps, elevation profiles, points of interest and GPS data.

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