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Trade Publications

We also write for magazines and websites not directly linked with tourism. Our work with STiR coffee and tea magazine connects us with growers, importers, roasters and other industry leaders around the world. Other publications include Tea Journey and the Oregon Wine Press.

Dan also manages the STiR website.

Below are some recent articles.




Paying Fair Prices for Quality Coffee

Coffee importers and roasters pay higher prices for green beans in transparent efforts to support growers.

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Virginia’s Coffee Port of Call

The port in the Hampton Roads region supports a fast-growing Mid-Atlantic coffee and tea production center.

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Private Label Coffee: Making a Name for Itself

Private label products, coffee and tea included, are rapidly improving their product quality and introducing innovation to capture the attention of price-conscious consumers who want good products at great prices, industry observers say.

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Centering Research on Coffee

The Coffee Center at the University of California, Davis, is the first multidisciplinary university research center in the US to address the challenges and needs of the coffee industry.

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Growing Coffee on the Frinj

Farmers in Southern California successfully cultivate specialty coffee at commercial scale for the first time in the United States mainland and Blue Bottle Coffee sells it for $16 a cup.

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Bon Mua Coffee

Vietnam-via-Oregon coffee roaster/retailer business keeps three generations of coffee-farming family close and answers father’s question — “Who is drinking my coffee?”

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Building Legacy

New facilities on the 162-acre Legacy Estate property, located in the Eola-Amity Hills AVA, opened this Memorial Day Weekend after nearly a decade of development, adding another venue for the Rickreall winery known for hosting a variety of special events.

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Origins: Tea Cultivation Takes Root In Oregon’s Willamette Valley

On a small plot of land tucked away on a rarely traveled rural road near Oregon’s Willamette River, a yard sign promotes a once-a-year visitors weekend, the only outward indicator that something special is happening here. Beyond the sign and a short gravel driveway is Minto Island Tea Company, a nearly half-acre plot of land containing Camellia sinensis bushes.

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Oregon’s Growing Olives

Marni Redding manages 375 olive trees, harvesting each fall to produce olive oil. She's not alone. A new organization, the Olive Growers of Oregon, is banding together 12 growers from around the state to pool knowledge and experience for their shared benefit.

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Creating a New Coffee Culture in Italy

Millions of espressos are served across Italy every day but few people are drinking single-origin arabica. The Specialty Coffee Association in Italy and a dedicated contingent of importers, roasters and café owners are trying to changing that.

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