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We love telling a story. We capture the travel experience and describe what people can expect when they visit a destination. Our work has taken us throughout our home state of Oregon and across Europe as we write for both magazines and destination marketing organizations (DMOs).



OSU Baseball: A Diamond to Discover

A billboard along Highway 34 leading into Corvallis drives home its message like a deep drive over the centerfield wall. There’s great baseball played here.

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A Sweet Walk in Downtown Corvallis

Anyone searching for sweet tooth satisfaction can stroll downtown Corvallis and find something to savor. If you don’t have a craving for specialty donuts, consider handmade chocolates and sweets at Burst’s Chocolates, a Corvallis institution for 80 years. Or, surrender to la dolce vita with Francesco’s gelato. It’s all within a five-minute walk.

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Finding That Special Coffee in Corvallis

There’s routine and then there’s special. When it comes to coffee, Collin Schneider, of Tried and True Coffee Company, and Paul Tostberg, of Coffee Culture, say they’ve got something very special.

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Downtown McMinnville: Never far from a great beer

While McMinnville is famous for its wines, beer is quickly making a name for itself. That comes as no surprise to Rick Allen who decided to create his brewery in McMinnville for one key reason- the water.

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Red Hills Kitchen: Great food with a dash of kindness

Jody Kropf is excited. He can’t stop grinning as he talks about his new restaurant, Red Hills Kitchen. Kropf, well known to local foodies for his successful Red Hills Market in nearby Dundee, opened his new venture this March inside the luxury Atticus Hotel. The executive chef and owner is enthusiastic bordering on exhilarated about what he and his team are adding to the already compelling McMinnville food scene.

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A Wine Country Discovery: Fantastic Coffee

Searching for a really good cup of coffee can be like a treasure hunt. Sure, there are plenty of shops and kiosks throughout McMinnville where you can find a jolt of caffeine but where is that rare drink that makes you stop, stare into your cup and do a taste bud double take?

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Winter Birding In The Klamath Basin

Bird watching is much like a treasure hunt. You start with a list of birds to see and pictures to help identify them. Once you’re in a good location, use binoculars or perhaps a long camera lens and start looking. If you’re in Klamath Falls or the wider Klamath Basin, bird watching can become much easier than you think. Stand by the side of a quiet road and you may spot some Snow Geese. A Great Egret is flying over you. Then there’s the Killdeer, the Canada Geese and, of course, the Bald Eagle.

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Wild Winter Adventures at Lake of the Woods

A chill nips at your face as you glide along a forest trail, the only sound you hear emanates from your Nordic skis pressing against the snow. An occasional thump breaks the rhythm when accumulated snow falls from overburdened tree branches to the ground. It’s peaceful here in the Fremont-Winema National Forest and there’s a roaring wood fire ahead at the next snow shelter. This is a good day outdoors, you say to yourself, and tonight there’s a cozy cabin waiting for you.

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Outdoor Adventure in Southern Oregon's Klamath County

Southern Oregon’s Klamath County is sometimes overlooked, but those who discover it wish they had booked more outdoor vacation time. The region, just east of Medford and Ashland, features two map points. To the south is Klamath Falls, where most food and lodging are found. To the north is Crater Lake National Park, Oregon’s crown jewel of nature.

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